Patron of the Arts

October 4, 2020

Wikipedia defines Patron of the arts “as a person who supports with money, gifts, efforts, or endorsement [of] an artist, writer, museum, cause, charity, institution, special event, or the like: a patron of the arts”

Imagine for your wedding day if someone surprised you with an important gift – what do you think it would be? What transpired for me this past week has never happened on my journey creating bridal millinery . Oddly it not only happened once – it occurred twice!

This week two patrons of the arts stepped forward and gifted bridal millinery!

I’m often asked to create a fascinator or hats for all kinds of events – sometimes even as a surprise. I take immense pride creating millinery for these events and also knowing I am designing for special moments in a persons life. Nevertheless designing bridal millinery is not something I’ve ever been asked to create as a surprise!

It begins – patron of the arts bridal surprise…

Once the shock (and excitement) of this first time experience had warn off it was time to start putting the millinery wheels in motion and contact my new brides. The first bride is from Ottawa and I started my week by calling and informing her that a patron of the arts and favourite Aunt was surprising her! Thankfully she was very excited and booked herself, bridesmaids and Aunt to meet with me in the studio/shop later this month. I’m looking forward to hearing about what she would like me to design.

The second bride is from London, England and living here in Toronto. This lovely bride understands the power of millinery completing her bridal look and was equally excited to meet with me. We met in the studio and discussed all kinds of options for her urban modern wedding. The millinery we designed is 100% her personality and will compliment the white pant suit she’s wearing! I look forward to posting images of this millinery!

Do you want to be a patron of the arts?

Contact me and together we can surprise your special bride!


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