Selecting your ideal David Dunkley Fine Millinery

February 20, 2019

With event season coming up fast, selecting your ideal David Dunkley Fine Millinery is always a happy compliment to your planning. Whether you’ve already created a vision for your perfect headpiece, or simply have a fabric sample or idea, I will complete your aesthetic with one swift consultation. Let the shop’s array of hats and fascinators come into focus as I bring you examples to try on, while collaborating on your millinery.

Your style is always at the forefront.

Together we’ll navigate the variety of works on display, and find our way to your treasure. Every custom headpiece is handmade in my workshop. Over the years I’ve made unique pieces for countless individual clients, events, collaborations, and many more occasions. When planning your hat or fascinator, I bring your choices of texture, height, shape and colour to life. This way I make sure your piece will compliment both your outfit and you.

Well fitted and balanced millinery should always showcase you first.

Using only traditional methods, my millinery work creates relevant, complimentary, and timeless accessories that put each wearer on show. Stop by the shop to try on the multitude of previous creations from my most recent collections, and become inspired! Or contact the shop ahead of your visit if you would like to reserve a collaborative moment with me to begin planning your custom headpiece. The best way to contact me is through phone, email, or in person at David Dunkley Fine Millinery during regular business hours. It only takes one conversation with me to make your dream hat or fascinator a reality!


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