Queen’s Plate Millinery Pop-up Shop

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited the David Dunkley Fine Millinery pop-up shop in the Hats and Horseshoe ring at the Queen’s Plate. The response to my millinery and everyone’s kind words to myself and the team where appreciated! Congrats to Ann (Woodbine Entertainment) for all of her hard work….Ann’s team did a FANTASTIC job pulling everything together. I can only image the millions of details that go into planning the Queen’s Plate! Hats, hats and more hats walking then I’ve ever seen in one day – in short heaven! Looking forward to next year! This picture is of the David Dunkley Fine Millinery being silly – I just love it! Check out my July 8, 2013 posting on my Facebook page (link below on left side of screen) for 29 other image of the day!

Top! David Dunkley Fine Millinery | Toronto, Canada | 2016 ©
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