Millinery Workshop

What a fantastic workshop this past weekend. I enjoyed creating millinery with all of these wonderful students! My next workshop is filling up quickly so register early!

Cathie Brocklebank says:

What a great workshop! This was my fourth with David, and with each one I have learned so much. David’s clear and patient instruction, in a comfortable and supportive environment promote confidence and creativity.

Fantastic classes, by the best milliner artist – David Dunkley. I had 0 experience, even in sewing, but I walked away with the knowledge that I can build on and also a hat (the white one) that I can be proud of. Take David’s class or go shopping from his shop – you’ll love it, I promise:)

Dana Anthony says:

Working with David Dunkley is a great privilege. I started with my hat project ideas. But with David’s personal tutoring, I have grown creatively and developed a multitude of millinery skills. This is my second workshop and I am on to the third. It is superb, friendly, casual, and exciting class experience.

Debbie Fein-Goldbach says:

Every few months David Dunkley turns the basement of his gorgeous atelier into a classroom to teach hat lovers how to fashion their own dreamy toppers. David keeps the class size small and students work at their own pace. Even if (like me) you arrive barely able to thread a needle, David patiently and skillfully helps you create anything you can dream up: fedoras, pillboxes, cloches and fascinators. The class is friendly and fun. Very quickly you feel like you’re part of a couture-hat quilting bee, with everyone sharing stories about hats, history and life. I thoroughly enjoyed this three-day course and plan to return for another session. What a fantastic way to unleash your millinery creativity.

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