Fascinator Pillbox and Hat Window. Oh-my!

March 1, 2015

Winters in Canada are exhausting! To combat this I created a new hat shop window using my collections of fascinators, pillboxes and hats.

Canada is an interesting country to live in the weather can be dramatic and swing from one season to another overnight. Presently it’s -25 and there is no warm temperature in sight at the end of our very long winter tunnel. I have often prepared my spring collections of hats and fascnators for the first day of the new season — sadly only to witness a snow blizzard! I can’t begin to explain how amusing it is to design all winter and look forward to the launch of the collections and then see it snow…(lol)….. However this is the reality of Canada and the city of Toronto that I love so very much!

Bring on the fascinator pillbox and hat window and wipe away the winter blues…

Each season I am involved with different types of events one such event is The Wearable Art Show . I’m the President of this non-profit origination and proud to say one of 40 artists who present collections for sale at the annual event. Last year The Wearable Art Show challenged artist to create wearable art for the fashion show – the green hat pictured here (on the far right) was my submission. The feathers are all hand cut, the silk flowers contain crystals for stamens.

The fascinator in the middle of the window was created with a new wooden block I purchased while in London studying couture millinery. The base of the fascinator was sculpted in sinamay and embellished with complimentary hand rolled petals. The butterflies are created from feathers and the flowers are also hand shaped. I just love how joyful the millinery looks! Take that winter….

The yellow pillbox is created from velour felt and is embellished with hand shaped and cut feathers.

My winter blues are lightened with this fascinator, pillbox and hat window!

This week make plans to drop by and view the window — it’s only up till Friday!


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