Designing the perfect bridal millinery

February 21, 2015

When I first studied with Her Majesty’s Milliner (Ms. Rose Cory) I was given the most important millinery advice ever! Ms. Cory affirms great millinery “completes an outfit” — I couldn’t agree more! Taking this a step further I believe wearing bridal millinery (or any millinery design)
punctuates a fashionable look.

Deciding what bridal millinery to wear on your wedding day may feel like a huge daunting task. Well lets be honest if you have never even considered bridal millinery it can be darn right intimidating! However great bridal veils and fascinators are the perfect way to accent and finish your bridal look.

The first step in your bridal journey is to decide what you like – what’s your style? Are you a romantic Kate Middleton royal wedding bride, a rustic country wedding or urban downtown kinda bride. Obviously there are many types of brides and styles – my point here is to have a firm sense of what style defines who you are – heck you might be a combination of two or more styles. No matter how you define your style – a clear concise vision will move you forward and make choosing your bridal millinery that much easier.

In our first meeting we will explore together the style you have decided on and begin to figure out what millinery you like and don’t like. That doesn’t mean because you decide you’re a rustic wedding bride therefore you must wear my style designed for that look. Does something really large make you happy? How about something small? What do you think about lace or rhinestones? Collaboration is the most important factor here – together we will take all your likes and dislikes and design the perfect punctuation for your wedding day!

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